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Cleansing. The basis for long-term facial care.

Can your skin cleansing routine affect the effectiveness of other cosmetics applied?

The answer is yes! Actually the better the cleansing, the better the results of cosmetics applied to the skin afterwards. The purpose of facial cleansers is to remove besides makeup, the airborne pollutants, and excess grease. That is, to “pave” the way for toiletries (moisturizing cream, serum, anti-aging cream, etc.) to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and to act for its best.

When to cleanse?

The minimum cleansing routine should include 2 applications consistently on a daily basis, one of which should be done in the evening before bedtime and the other one in the morning.

Evening Application. During the day complexion is burdened by environmental pollutants, dust, makeup, sunlight and possibly other daily and seasonal loads. During the night our body system will begin a natural cycle of metabolic, anatomical and healing processes on the skin through biochemical reactions. Proper cleansing adds to performing such processes more effectively, producing better results while at the same time we maximize the auxiliary effect of toiletries (creams, serums, etc.).

Morning Application. Those biological processes occurring in the skin cells during the night, result in both the intake and the elimination of various substances. In this way the skin absorbs water, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, while eliminates sebum, sweat and more. Substances that are naturally excreted must be removed from our complexion to maintain hygiene and to be able to respond to the new day.

Face Cleansing Routine

Selection of cleansing products.

Type of skin should be highly considered when choosing cleansers. Aggressive cleansers can disrupt the skin’s balance, affecting a number of PH Shin Regulation processes, the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), even the Hydrolipid Profile, this way reversing a series of various functions. Thus, sensitive skin may show strong signs of dehydration, while in cases of oily skin, even greater amounts of oil are excreted.

Nivosoap Face Cleanser Series

Nivosoap has created a face cleansing line including Micellar water for all skin types, Cleansing foam for oily/normal skin, Cleansing milk for dry/sensitive skin and two  Tonic Lotions, each one proper for each type of skin complexion. These daily care products, combine herbal extracts with biotechnology to effectively cleanse without irritating, while moisturizing and enhancing skin metabolism.